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Alex Diaz is a visual storyteller of over 10 years, beginning in the darkroom of his first high school photography class, where he fell in love with observing presence in motion. Specializing in work with artists, musicians, and brands, Alex aims to transport the viewer into the narrative of each story.

Through the use of his lens, he leans into bringing people to feelings and places they may have not otherwise explored. In a time where we are flooded with digital content, Alex narrows his focus towards the importance of building communities through authentic representation and story-telling.


His aim is to create a reflection through true and organic messages; with efforts to work and collaborate with communities whom share resonance in ecocentric, conscious views. His love for capturing imagery which evokes emotion, and foremost communicates purpose, gleans from each frame.


From his success in still frame photography, racking more than 90 million views on Unsplash, to the completion of his first short film, "Origins" in 2023 and the release of his lookbook "Innermost" in 2024, Alex looks to continue to expand his journey as a Cinematographer, Photographer, and Visual Communicator, creating captivating and purpose-driven images for films, commercials, and music videos.

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