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"There is this illusive nature to every moment, and some say that if you freeze it and capture it, you were never really there for it. I don’t quite agree with this, and I actually feel that I have grown to become more present in exploring my awareness of the world through photography and film. I have been photographing through the last decade since first falling in love after developing my first negatives and darkroom prints in high school. I realized the potential in what could be shared through relaying an experience and a feeling through a single image, which has later and presently evolved into doing the same through depth and texture in audio-visual experiences and short films. My aim is to capture and share others' joy and passions through the lens of mine, and to let the cliche of “do what you love, and love what you do” resound through each message. I truly believe that we can be supported in ways beyond our imagination if we subscribe to the idea that we are capable and hold immense potential to fulfill and follow our dreams, should we choose to do so. Let our hearts be our compass. Let’s create."

-Alex Diaz

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